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Erdman Jr. PhD, Ian A. Macdonald PhD, Steven H.

PEN eNews 6(4) December 2016

Zeisel MD, PhD,. First published: 19 June About this book Present Knowledge in Nutrition, 10 th Edition provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of human nutrition, including micronutrients, systems biology, immunity, public health, international nutrition, and diet and disease prevention.

This definitive reference captures the current state of this vital and dynamic science from an international perspective, featuring nearly expert authors from 14 countries around the world. Author Bios John W.

Erdman has over 35 years of research and teaching experience focused upon nutritional biochemistry. His research has included studies of the effects of food processing on the bioavailability of minerals and vitamins, human clinical trials involving lipid metabolism and weight loss and animal trials on diet components and reduction of prostate cancer. Steven H. Zeisel , M. Zeisel is an internationally recognized expert in clinical nutrition, choline metabolism, and nutrigenomics. Zeisel heads a research institute that studies sources of metabolic variation.

Also, he leads a team that developed a web-based course in human nutrition that is used by more than medical schools around the world.


Free Access. Summary PDF Request permissions. Tools Get online access For authors. Email or Customer ID. Tables and Topics from this paper. Citations Publications citing this paper. From perceived autonomy support to intentional behaviour: Testing an integrated model in three healthy-eating behaviours Laura Ferreira Girelli , Martin S.

Hagger , Luca Mallia , Fabio Lucidi. Integration of status consumption and theory of planned behavior: a conceptual framework Syed Naveed Altaf , Selvan Purumal , Zolkifli Hussin.

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Randomized controlled trial of a messaging intervention to increase fruit and vegetable intake in adolescents: Affective versus instrumental messages. The development of a functional food breakfast and its effects on gluco-regulation, cognitive performance, mood and satiety in adolescents Sarah Corner Kennedy. References Publications referenced by this paper. The theory of planned behavior. Icek Ajzen.

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Predicting breakfast consumption: an application of the theory of planned behaviour and the investigation of past behaviour and executive function. Cara L. Wong , Barbara A Mullan.

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Breakfast habits, nutritional status, body weight, and academic performance in children and adolescents. Gail C. Efficacy of the Theory of Planned Behaviour: a meta-analytic review. Christopher J Armitage , Mark Conner. Predicting breakfast consumption: A comparison of the theory of planned behaviour and the health action process approach Barbara A Mullan , C. James Wong , Emily J.